Can you believe summer is over and we are about to enter Fall?

Seems this year has flown by. But it has been a great summer of doing things with my family and accomplishing things around the house and generally enjoying life seemingly carefree.

Now it is back to the normal ( whatever that is..)   I don’t really know if I have a normal life or not …  It just is what it is.  Each of us has a different version of normal and somehow God gives us the strength to deal with the everyday challenges and changes no matter what they are. Changes are bound to happen in life but to be honest, I don’t like change very much.. Do you?

Changes could be as large as starting a new job, moving to a new home, or helping your children adjust to a new school, or adjusting to a new season of life  

For me it is getting back into the swing of a schedule and travel as well as starting to think of what my life will be when my husband and I start a new season of not being Senior Pastors (that is next year).  All these things can weigh heavily on you and cause stress and worry,    But God simply spoke to me  and said  “ TRUST ME”

“ trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding”  That is not how I like it.  I want to know details and how it all works out but God says  “ Trust Me!!”  Ok, so  what does that mean?  It means   Trust Him  and Don’t Worry     He has  your back. That all He is saying..  

REALLY?    How do I not worry when I don’t know what tomorrow might bring?  Just Don’t do it!!! Trusting God  is not easy but who is more capable of taking care of things? You or GOD?

If this seems simple…    IT IS!   We can make life complicated or we can simply start trusting . When we worry, we just get stressed out .  He says “Don’t Worry”  

“He knows the end from the beginning”  

 HE says     “ God will Perfect That which concerns you”  

Those are strong promises from The Bible.

Even though it is hard not knowing what the future holds and what life’s changes can bring,  we must trust Him even when we don’t understand because we know from his word He has a Plan….   and it is a good one!!!!!!!  Jeremiah 29:11 .READ IT  

SO  have a Stress Free, Worry Free. Trust filled and God Blessed FALL……………….

“Many things about tomorrow, I don’t seem to understand.
But I know who holds tomorrow and I know who hold my hand”